Friday, August 25, 2017

OFFICIAL DROPS- Lovely Bad Things - "Teenage Grownups" via Burger Records AND Together Pangea's "Bulls and Roosters" via Nettwerk- HEAR Both Here.

What a day. The Lovely Bad Things - "Teenage Grown Ups" (via Burger Records) is finally seeing the light of day. Teaser tracks have been seeping out since mid last year. Also officially out (via Nettwerk) is Together Pangea's "Bulls and Roosters".  It is a lovely thing as both bands have been close to my vest and I am fond of Jonny Bell (Crystal Antlers / Jazzcatz Studio) who recorded Lovely Bad Things and Andrew Schubert who co-produced Bulls and Roosters with the Together Pangea. Congrats to all.

Reviews and more coming up on both but for now hear them both via Youtube streaming:

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