Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Put Your Pink Headband On and Listen to "Flicker" by The Able Bodies via their Official Video

It is Wednesday and time to get moving. During these hard political and socially trouble times I could stand to take a B positive pill. Yes, I actually wrote that. But truly while we all cannot ignore the unrest or the people hurting or the horrendous situation in Houston being engulfed with rain water, we can attack those important issues with a sense of positivity and even a sense of fun. It is afterall fun to help people. There is no better feeling.

These two guys out of Rochester, New York are spreading good vibes. Known as The Able Bodies, John Viviana, aka Vivitron (Blue Falcon / Filthy funk) and Eli Flynn aka Flynnstone (Upward Groove) blends sounds inspired by their love of synth pop, hip-hop, new wave, funk, jazz and rock coming up with kind of dreamy meets fanciful meets retro indie pop sound. Put on a pink headband and check out Flicker and move.
Robb Donker

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