Tuesday, September 5, 2017

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Bad Pop's "Other Spooky Is" Bristles With a Thick Coat Of Gleeful Psychosis

Bad Pop's new single "Other Spooky Is" bristles with a thick coat of gleeful psychosis. The Canadian trio's brand of art punk is playfully heavy (metal) and yet powerfully cinematic too. Lead singer Chris Connelly spouts his words with the whimsy of Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse), the theatrics of Tommy Scott (Space) and the caterwaul of Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) all rolled up into one.

The video for "Other Spooky Is" is at once ridiculously funny as it is disturbing depending on your point of view. For me, the superimposed close up face is a bit disconcerting and I found myself just listening to the song that is just a wild ride, crazy, psychotic and powerfully fun. Of the song, Connelly says:  ‘Right from the start we always wanted  "Other Spooky Is" to be the first thing that we'd release. It always felt like a big, bold, ridiculous statement... the kind of thing that you'll either love or hate.  There's no middle ground with this song.  If you're still listening by the time the demonic robot shows up, you're probably hooked.’
Robb Donker

Press Notes:
Awe-stricken by each others' SXSW performances, Bad Pop and SuperGlu are embarking on a week-long  UK tour in mid-September. Mixing Bad Pop's dichotomous joking-intimidation with SuperGlu's self-branded bubblegum rock, the co-headlined set is sure to be a hard-partying alt-rock banger.


8th September - The Swan, Ipswich
9th September - Esquires, Bedford
13th September - Facebar, Reading
14th September - The Cellar, Oxford
17th September - Hope & Ruin, Brighton
18th September - Old Blue Last, London

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