Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Dana and the Wolf- "Got Me Poly" Shifty Multi-flavored Indie Pop

"My girl's got wings for a reason"-- a refrain from Dana and the Wolf's track Got Me Poly- a shifty indie pop / hip hop pop thang that floats effortlessly into dance modes to Carribean twists to dissonant everso slightly experiments.

It is not, as a matter of fact, an American Pancake type of track but it stuck in my brain as something quite different in it's genre. That difference is hard to discern but it is there and that is the best kind of difference, mysterious and ill defined.

Dana and the Wolf are Dana Hobson and multi-intrumentalist / producer Daniel Wolf. They are a couple for 10 years, do the acting thing too and music is both an extension of their relationship and their many creative endeavors. On their Soundcloud page the statement says it all: "Music is a love hate relationship" and it really is.
Robb Donker

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