Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Vern Matz - "Operator" - Sweet without the Syrup

Operator by Vern Matz is a sweet song minus the syrup. What pulls you in like steel to a magnet is the earnest approach to the singing. Nothing is forced, the sound is (yes) a little somber but not in the devastating Thom Yorke kind of way but in the kind of matter of factly 'life can be sad but everything will be ok' kind of way.

The Yorke-ian thing ties in too. The 3 boys became Vern Matz at Yale University connecting at a college party over their mutual admiration for Radiohead. Lead singer and guitarist, Danny Belgrad honed many songs during a 3 month musical sabbatical in the desolate Montana wilderness. Noah Silvestry, drummer and self proclaimed "band mother" was apparently birthed into a family of indie rockers and Michael Lituchy, pianist and backing vocals is an amateur scientist who believes that alien species visit earth because they are big fans of human earth music. Hmmmm, maybe that explains Thom Yorke.

Operator is from Vern Matz's self titled EP-
Robb Donker


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