Friday, February 9, 2018

Finding Prettymess and the Indie Rocker "Tripping"

Relaunching or maybe being reborn Australian rockers Prettymess are re-releasing tracks again and if Tripping is any indication of their sound I am eagerly waiting for more. It feels a bit Beatle-esque if the fab four veered into indie rock quarters.

Prettymess was first formed in the early 2000's by John Baxter and Paul Inglis from the band Alcotomic. Tripping appeared on 2004's Surface Glow EP on the Aussie charts in the top 20 for several weeks as the band toured nationally. Full album followed with critical acclaim. Life shifts. Fast Forward and new adventures are yet to be forged and while at the time of writing this post I am not sure if a whole bunch of new Prettymess tracks are coming this year I am glad I found them.
Robb Donker


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