Friday, February 9, 2018

Satellite Ravens' - "After Thoughts" - a bass heavy exercise in funk meets art rock meets sweet high dreams

Satellite Ravens is the moniker for  composer, bassist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Carson Rohde originally from Prescott, Arizona but boucing around Los Angeles and Oakland, California in puruit of his musical endeavors and he has been busy.

After Thoughts is the 3rd single from Satellite Ravens' upcoming album - rumor has it that it will be called "The Equinox" but more about that on future posts.
From the very beginning After Thoughts sounds kind of outer worldly and then when the shift shaping drum roll comes in it becomes this bass heavy swaying exercise in funk meets art rock meets sweet high dreams. The avant garde quality and lush sometimes almost Lennon-esque vocal performance is beautifully unique and the bass break down is badass. I dig this track so much.
Robb Donker

Encircled (Single)- Credits
Composed, performed, arranged by Carson Rohde*
Produced by: Aaron Burch, Michael Soffa, Carson Rohde
Mixed by : Truman Lusson
Engineers: Aaron Burch, Ben Scruggs, Ania Thomas
*Drums performed by: Aaron Burch
Artwork by: Dylan Opet
Recorded @: Buffalo Island Recording, Purp Scurp, Carson's Room 3000

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