Sunday, February 4, 2018

Yes- There is a band called The Nylon Otters (?) and their Jagged Sound is Awesome- hear "Loose Ends" and "Pollenblonde"

The Nylon Otters are Logan Ross, Emmett O'Connell and Kyle Pawlowski hailing from Buffalo, New York. They play jagged indie rock and the vocal scowl kind of reminds me of Kurt Cobain at least on the track Loose Ends. I love the sound they have come up with. According to their Facebook Page they have released batches of demo recordings, they play basements, kitchens and bars and most importantly they are looking for a van. And please, please do not sell them a piece of crap vehicle because there is nothing sadder than a band on tour posting up on Instagram that parts of their transmission vomitted out on the highway and that is why they missed a show. 

I am keeping my eyes on these guys because I am loving their sound!-
Robb Donker


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