Sunday, February 4, 2018

Rat the Magnificent - Pump Out Their Scorched Earth Policy in "In The Middle"

In In The Middle the sonic onslaught is so relentless that one thinks of cramped hands and bloody fingers cut on guitar strings. Rat the Magnificient, at it's core are Perry M. Anderson on guitar and vox (Family Manderson, Sunshine Republic, KLLR, Modern Men, JFO), Ross Davies on bass  (Hot Sauce Pony, Modern Men, Brenda, The Feral Text), Anna Dodridge on drums (Hot Sauce Pony, Family Manderson, JFO, DYWO) and Ian Catskilkin on guitar (Art Brut, Future of the Left).

Configurations aside RTM is a darkly wrought stew of chunky bass, heavy drumming, wailing guitars and Perry's plaintive howling vox. The quartet speak so properly while waxing poetic at parties but when the instruments are turned on loud the whispers become screams. In The Middle has a full frontal scorched earth policy type attack and in the end is an ode to lust and carnal acts where Anderson sings of the immediacy of desire.
Robb Donker

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