Friday, March 2, 2018

Attic Giant-- "m o t h e r s (split/crack in time)" feels like hundreds of Polaroid images in your mind

The track m o t h e r s (split/crack in time) by Austria's Attic Giant feels like a musical movie. The cinematic nature of the production is manifested by the pauses, the rushes of sound pour out like a basket full of rose petals and hesitant percussion and piano that feel like nascent gestures. All these elements coupled with the beautifully somber vocal performance makes for sounds that push elements to the front of your mind like bright lights through tree branches. I really love the sound here and the images that come to my mind.
Robb Donker

In 2017, Attic Giant appeared on the screen as " one of sad music's finest hopefuls “ (Destroy/Exist) with their debut EP 'Flush'. The follow-up EP release 'light=whatwesee' – out on February 23rd – is pretty much the opposite of what one would expect from a group having evolved from Vienna-based singer-songwriter Daniel Tischler’s bedroom recording project into an orchestral five-piece band: not the anticipated ambitious debut album, but rather just two, almost identically titled songs that, each in its own way, come along quite unwieldy and hard to classify – an obvious gesture of contradicting the common conventions of making and releasing music with intend. Whereas the first piece, ‘m t h r s’ (a short collapse of constancy), is a vague and intangible fragment of glockenspiel and airy piano lines, the much longer second one, ‘m o t h e r s’ (split/crack in time), has Daniel Tischler and singer and multi-instrumentalist Nastasja Ronck lyrically aiming at heavy and existential matters such as time, memory and (consequently) also death.

Again, the songs were produced by Viennese artist and producer INNER TONGUE who achieved to embrace the song’s peculiar leaning towards postrock-esque tendencies just as much as its idiosyncratic Sufjan Stevens-like progressions without sacrificing the fragile intimacy deriving from their lofi-origin in Tischler’s bedroom.'light=whatwesee' (EP) with its two songs releases digitally on February 23rd – self-released by Attic Giant and distributed by finetunes.

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