Friday, March 2, 2018

Lush with deeply groovy pop hooks- "Poetry In Motion" by Kyan Palmer

The track Poetry In Motion has such deep groovy pop hooks that the sounds even grabbed me and lifted me up off my fit. This is not an easy feat as the kind of alien kiddee-esque samples are usually off putting to me but Kyan Palmer keeps them subtle and in the background. What really wraps around your brain is the lush and ultra deep synth sounds on the chorus. Couple that with the super sultry smooth vocals and it is a heady mix that will make you melt. Deeply groovy indeed.

Robb Donker


Two years ago, 22-year-old Kyan Palmer packed his bags and moved from Arizona to New York City to begin working at Republic Records. At the time he was finishing up college online and a music class project led Palmer to roll the dice and write, record and distribute his first single, " Burn Mona Lisa ." Almost overnight the R&B ballad started to climb the US, Canadian and Singaporean Spotify Viral Top 50 Charts.

Palmer followed his debut single with " Hit List ," " Hidden Feelings ," " Cant Help It " and a collaboration with producer Michael Mar, " Don't Talk About It ." All of his releases have managed to gain upwards of 100K streams each. Now relocated to LA to focus on his artist career, Palmer is preparing for his debut EP slated for an early 2018 release. Palmer provides his listeners with a fresh take on pop with his airy vocals combined with smooth genuine R&B beats and metaphoric lyrics.

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