Saturday, March 31, 2018

Dumaresq- Joe Kneipp's solo project and debut single "Be Pretty"

Listen to the massive attack of Be Pretty by "Dumaresq" which is the solo project of 23 year old Brisbane, Austrailia based multi-instrumentalist Joe Kneipp. The big guitars, potent beat and hooky melodies are infectious.
Robb Donker

this is a strange simulation we're in
where one line ends and no others can begin
aniseed forests and soulless drones
automatons and their mobile phones
sepia, clenbuterol, horticulture, and birth control
into a strange simulation we go
sharing avatars, binary homes
it only exists when you look at it
impermanent perfect: imperfect bliss
foundation, silicon, roaccutane, and human growth hormone
sycophant, anxious wreck, misanthropic projectionist
plastic, plastic, plastic beings
they don't want love
they don't want love
they just want to be pretty
get anything you want
anything you want

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