Saturday, March 31, 2018

Twin Ritual sparkle on "You Talk" from their "Hand Through The Mist" EP

The track You Talk from Twin Ritual's debut EP "Hand Through The Mist" instantly pulsates with heavy bass, drums and Laura Levenhagen's vocal attack. Synth sounds and staccato guitar flourishes enhance the dance punk dynamics like filling in missing puzzle pieces. The production is so exquisite creating a lush thick indie rock / pop sway that drives the night and while the sound sparkles, the glitter has a jagged edge.

Twin Ritual is an indie rock band from San Diego, California and I have been a fan of Anthony Spells' whose bass sound is so fuzz based and formidable in his previous incarnation as the founder of Glass Spells. This new artful, dance punk, indie rock affair feels similar but the sound is, well, fiercely a step up from before. The band is filled out with Levenhagen on vocals and synth, Nathan Leutzinger on guitar and Lionel Hernandez on drums.  "Hand Through The Mist" was produced by Dave Trumfio who is know for producing the likes of Ok Go, Jesus and the Mary Chain, Wilco and Built to Spill. More on the entire EP on a later post but for now take on You Talk.
Robb Donker

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