Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Eddie Angel's sweet Ode to Pavement "Spaceship" from the "Clear As Crystal" EP

Eddie Angel's ode to the band Pavement called Spaceship (from his Clear As Crystal EP) starts "isn't it cool, I brought a Pavement record home" and immediately I smiled but then I find myself smiling often when I listen to Eddie's music. Often times stripped down to guitar, bass and drums and Eddie's smooth beautifully sad vocal performance his songs kind of make you levitate and think about emotional moments in your life, wins and losses and hope.

His vocal tone is his secret weapon and in this past post I spoke of Eddie being one of the artists I gravitate to when I am jonesing for Elliot Smith vibes (see that post here). In Spaceship which appropriately doesn't follow the normal verse chorus verse motif moves in a tempo changing direction content to turn corners and tell it's stories in an unconventional way and no one, no one sounds as cool as Eddie singing the word cool. Listen to Spaceship, stay for the other songs (more on the full EP in a later post) and dream on.
Robb Donker

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