Tuesday, March 20, 2018

London's Burnt Pixels - Mine Deep on "Tropes" the Second Single from their forthcoming album "Tropisms"

In February ,London's Burnt Pixels gave us a musical glimpse into their forthcoming album "Tropisms" which is due to drop on May 1st by releasing the beautifully cinematic Cathexis and today they release the "B" side Tropes (as well as a "blurb" about the album on their Twitter account). On the new album Ian Brzozowski (vocals, guitars, bass) wrote and recorded primary tracks and Ben Hooper (backing vox, drums, bass) recorded, engineered, produced the entire very personal affair within a tight schedule. The duo mined deep emotional content and utilized an arsenal of sounds courtesy of early 80's vintage guitar pedals giving the album their aesthetic (more on that on the full album review). 

Tropes with it's runaway beat, guitar sounds that fold in on themselves and Ian's pained vox give the track a harried sense like you are chasing something while emotions are imploding around you. It also feels like a track that will tie into the songs before and after it. Again, "Tropisms" drops on May 1st.

Robb Donker

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