Saturday, March 17, 2018

Feel "I'm A Volcano" by Castle Pines - Out of Corona, California- "Por Vida" In The Works

The stories contained in I'm A Volcano must be many by the way that Leandro Barrientos chomps out the words. It feels like he is singing through gritted teeth and when he wails out, the edges of the story he is telling feels painful. It is as if he is condensing many stories into a dark strong mix of emotions. The music moves with staccato precision although it feels free and jammy as well Leandro complimenting his vox with his guitar as Sterling Fairfield (drums), Jesse Briseno (bass) and Ricky Garvey (lead guitar) provide the metered musicality he is chasing.

From press notes and their Facebook page the boys seem to view music as a source for solidarity and change. That is a wonderful thing to strive for and it make me like them even more. An album that will be entitled "Por Vida" is in the works. For now listen, feel I'm A Volcano and give the boys a shout out.
Robb Donker

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