Friday, March 16, 2018

Dark Synth Pop Duo Out of Copenhagen- Mercyfox and their track "Naked Cross"


Listening to the tectonic beat of Naked Cross by Copenhagen's Mercyfox - Nine Inch Nails flashed in my head but quickly went away as Dragut Lugalzagosi's sultry smooth vocal strain rode on the industrial beat. While a band like NIN is overtly dangerous sounding, Mercyfox's sound sways on pop flavors with vocals that are more new wave romantic than punkish. This is not to say that Mercyfox does not have a dark side. They do but it is just presented with shiny wrapping paper and a box. They are like that vampire with the high fashion sense. It will be interesting to see what their other songs sound like. What else is in that shiny box containing that dark heartbeat. 
Robb Donker

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