Saturday, March 31, 2018

"Going Steady" by Toronto based The Mooks - 50's rock and roll / doo wop punk jams

Toronto based Mookie Morris is at the heart of The Mooks, a power pop outfit whose aesthetic is steeped in 50's muscular Americana rock. Stripped down and blissfully basic thanks to Mookie on guitar and vox, Owen Norquay on bass and Luis Figueroa on drums, songs like Going Steady are fueled by Mookie's gritty vocal performance and tight jammy musicality. This blend of Americana rock and roll and a sort of doo wop punk works and is not done up in any kind of "tongue in cheek" way but with a sincere homage to sounds of the past. -
Robb Donker

Influences range from Roy Orbison, The Zombies, Velvet Underground, 70s Lennon, Talking Heads, Modern Lovers, Oasis, and Spoon.
In November 2017, the band was born from a handful of songs written and recorded by Morris in his home studio. From there, the band reworked the songs, and have performed locally in Toronto at venues such as The Drake Underground, Lee’s Palace, Smiling Buddha and The Cameron House.
The group has recently released their first two singles, "Going Steady" & "It's Not Easy" in March 2018, recorded with producer/engineer Ewan Kay at Candle Recording in Toronto.

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