Saturday, March 31, 2018

"Gravity" by Caspar Leopard - futuristic yet classic blending so many aesthetics

London based composer, producer and filmmaker Caspar Leopard is brimming with creativity that needs to be expressed. The track Gravity awash in dreamy sounds some distant and some over modulated in such a way that you feel the depth and expanse of the story contained within. In one respect there is a futuristic apocalyptic thing happening but I feel the classic rock leanings seep into the sounds in a wonderful 'Pink Floydian' sort of way. Blending this retro thing with the fractured modern sounds often times associated with hip hop tracks and industrial rock feels like such a heady sensory mix it pulls you into the sounds and makes you see images. It is no wonder Caspar is a filmmaker as well.
Robb Donker


Caspar Leopard is a London based composer, producer and filmmaker.
Having spent the last few years composing music for independent film, in 2016 Caspar set about the ambitious task of writing, directing and scoring a surreal drama of his own. After composing a number of pieces for this project, it became apparent that the compositions had evolved beyond their supporting role for the film. The music was developing a more personal, autobiographical essence, and Caspar came to the realisation that he had inadvertently made the beginnings of an album.
Inspired to explore this new direction, Caspar enlisted producers Luke Smith (Clor, Depeche Mode, Foals) and Orlando Leopard – his brother (Arthur Beatrice, Florence & The Machine, Thurston Moore) to help realise his eponymous debut. Together, the three of them are currently co-producing a series of tracks at the Leopard brothers’ East London Studio, No.1 Baltic Place.
The cinematic and reflective Expire Pt I is a first glimpse into these recording sessions. The track is a glistening and brooding meld of electronics, Leopard’s own cutting, intimate vocals, alongside echoes of his filmic orchestral past – undoubtedly it’s an ambitious statement of intent.
To accompany the music, Leopard, in his directorial debut, has created a beautiful improvised modern dance video for Expire Pt I – the first in a series of short films he is making to accompany the album. The video is a collaboration with filmmaker Hannah Mckibbin, set in the British seaside town of Camber, featuring acclaimed Rambert dancer Kirill Burlov. The maturity of the film shows Leopard to be an already accomplished director, and brings him full circle, back to the moment of departure from his original intentions.

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