Friday, March 16, 2018

Hull post-punks Cannibal Animal - "A Decline In Morality" EP Drops Today with new single, 'Ellipsisism'

Sometimes when you hear a band for the first time they do not sound like their name. This is not the case with Cannibal Animal. Their single, Ellipsisism from their EP "A Decline in Morality" sounds EXACTLY like their name. The cagey bass line stalking it's prey with a guitar that almost feels like surf punk strains turned inside out is sinfully delicious as are Luke Ellerington's vocal performance. Luke possesses the punk scowl, yes, but also a frantic wide eyed kind of unpredictability. The inmates have taken over the asylum. Cannibal Animal are: Luke Ellerington (vocals, guitar), Jacob White (guitar), Jamie Hanson (bass) and Thomas Joad Gibbins (drums).

"A Decline In Morality" drops today- March 16, 2018.


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