Sunday, April 29, 2018

FAST FIVE: Death and the Maiden, Matador Mike, High Fantasy, Parker Moore and Tayrn

The track SNDIT by High Fantasy- is dreamy with hard and lush elements built on heavy synths and smooth vocals pushing through a static haze. This two piece collab out of the desert of Palm Springs, California are multi instrumentalist Ryan Jovian and bassist / vocalist Orlando Welsh.

From Death and the Maiden's second album "Wisteria" (released on April 27 in NZ and Austrailia and in the UK/ Europe and North America on May 11th) - the track Oooh Baby in the Chorus has a deep dreamy groove. Percussive sounds, staccato bass and circular guitar lines set the framework for evocative vocals.

Parker Moore former singer songwriter of the Bay Area's indie rock band Catholic Radio recently released his first solo album "Alterations & Repairs". The track Diving Bell moves like a post punk 90's fare but with it's dreamy guitars strikes other chords as well. I thought of War On Drugs and Ride.

Tayrn's beautiful and somber track Stones (featuring Dave Thomas Junior) lives somewhere between a love affair and the ending of it. At least that is what it feels like to me. What do you think?

London's Matador Mike's track The Early Bird Gets The Worm moves at a breakneck pace with shuffling indie rock guitar pushed through folk filters.

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