Sunday, April 29, 2018

Year Of The Kite- "Wild Blood, Wild Light" from the "With Sparks Flying" Album

Year Of The Kite from the areas of Abingdon, Oxford and Reading (England) just released their debut album entitled "With Sparks Flying". Their rehearsal space is a vintage church lending an austere and haunting filter to their already dreamy post rock sounds. The brushes they use to paint these sounds are traditional ones, piano, strings, guitars, clarinets and drums and the result feels classic dream rock to me. The natural acoustics of that church were key in defining their sound and bits of sounds they could not reproduce in the studio where recorded in that holy space and end up on the record

The track Wild Blood, Wild Light starts in such a beautifully way. While part of the sound feels so immediate and organic, the almost detached ambiance filled guitar sounds in the back feel like haunted memories. Truly dreamy stuff of Pink Floy-ian proportions. The vocal performance is somber and commanding. I so look forward to hearing the entire album out on Diversion Records.
Robb Donker

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