Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Hear "Recoil" the 4th Single from Mines Falls Debut Album "Nepenthe"

Recoil is the 4th single from L.A.'s Mines Falls debut album "Nepenthe" due to drop in only two days on April 6th. The track opens with what feels like ambient sounds maybe wind chimes (or memories) but quickly descends into Mine Falls aesthetic of dark cloudy days and chilly even pained introspection.

Carson and Erik Lund paint their oftentimes somber soundscapes with a dense blend of piano, deep percussion like heartbeats, string sounds, deep synths and a closed eyes vocal performance. It is all so intimate but passionate. Laced into the very thick almost agonizing strings and melodies there are seeds of hope and, of course, beauty. The brothers hail from New Hampshire and I wonder if after living in the desert winds of Los Angeles if their sound will change over time. Just a thought. However it changes, if it does, I will want to be along for the ride.
Robb Donker

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