Tuesday, April 3, 2018

"I'm A Monkey" (aren't we all) by Donald Dank and the Naughty Boys - you will love this song

You should never ever forget who you are. Donald Dank and the Naughty Boys out of Australia remind us of this important life lesson in their song I'm a Monkey and while they pride themselves on comedic, witty takes on life I find this song more profound the more I listen to it. 

DDATNB's are Andrรจ Pinochi, Angus Landy, Lachy Meagher and Mick Procter who write, produce and record their music from their home studio drawing influences from blues, country and 60's pop. They have released three EPs, toured throughout Victoria and South Australia, regularly gig at Melbourne's key venues and their debut album entitled "G'Day" just dropped on March 19th available via Spotify, Itunes and other digital platforms. 

-Robb Donker

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