Saturday, April 21, 2018

Rainbrother's "Rio Rita" will transport you

Rio Rita by Denmark based Rainbrother has such a lush sound hinged on a vocal performance embracing a harmony done in such a way that the two voices feel like one wrapped up by dreamy sounds and potent yet totally trippy lead guitar work. Love this track.
Robb Donker


After an eventful 2017 Denmark-based Rainbrother is ready with new material made in cooperation with Danger Mouse’s right hand Kennie Takahashi. Following a sold out Denmark tour with Nelson Can a new single ’Rio Rita’ is now released.

Last year Rainbrother released the critically acclaimed debut album Tales From the Drought which gave the group a lot of Danish radio airplay and a ticket to SXSW Festival, SPOT Festival, English festivals like Wilderness and Bestival along with frequent touring in their native Denmark and the UK. The five rainbrothers also found time to drive their equipment out to an old farmhouse in the Danish countryside where they isolated themselves for two weeks and recorded a number of frontman Bjarke Bendtsen’s new songs.

The group now releases ’Rio Rita’ from last summer's session, a dark slow-grooving song that takes the listener down a quiet but unpredictable river. Or as lead-singer Bjarke puts it: "It is the kind of song you would like to dissappear in, when your heart is too full of love to understand anything and you just want to lie down on a foggy river bank and watch the leaves grow backwards." Just like the other songs from last summer’s session ‘Rio Rita‘ has been through the mixing console of L.A. producer Kennie Takahashi who has worked with the likes of Beck, Black Keys and Danger Mouse.

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