Saturday, April 21, 2018

Power Outage does not deter the First Ever- American Pancake Song Analysis of "Vessels" by And Then We Lived Forever

Often times I can be found at my kitchen table with ear buds on and a big smile on my face as I let a particularly creative piece of music wrap around my brain and flow down to my heart. At these moments I want to share the feeling and sometimes there might not be like minded people around. Art, after all is such a personal thing. Tastes vary and while one person might find something so damn delicious it may give someone else what tantamounts to food poisoning. So I thought I might try my hand as posting a song analysis of a song I recently covered on American Pancake.  I don't consider this type of thing really a straight song review and in order for it to work it is important for me to do something that I usually don't like to do.  It is dependent on me talking over a song.

This very first attempt was a bit hampered by my less than smooth delivery (Anthony Fantano I am not) and a power outage. I hope you find it interesting and I hope you follow the links to the song and an amazing artist. If you want to hear more of these, let me know and if you want to spread the word I would so appreciate if you share the video.

Robb Donker

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