Thursday, April 5, 2018

See the Official Video for Animal Hand's - "Wax and Vanity" sultry and haunting

In the Official video for Animal Hand's Wax and Vanity Danielle Whalebone's inebriated character stumbles up stairs to a bedroom that might or might not be hers clutching a bottle of booze. You get the sense that she is holding a crushing weight or love lost or some other despair. She looks sultry but lost and when she moves to the balcony there is a rather foreboding looking massive tree in the background that gives the frame a haunting appearance. It is a shadowy vacant eyed performance as is her vocal performance on the song.

Whalebone as Animal Hand's lead singer-songwriter (and guitar) feels her words deeply and the other members Jamie O'Shea on Bass, Nigel Judd (Noosh) on drums and Kleber Croccia on lead guitar churn out their respective parts tightly. The music is amazingly dramatic and well flushed out. The guitar lines are haunting and the musical bed in total while pure rock and roll in a classic sense has an orchestrated feel. Love this track.
Robb Donker

Animal Hand's hail from Melbourne, Australia
Wax and Vanity is the third single off of the Tonic Clonic album.
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