Thursday, April 5, 2018

"Slow" remastered by Aaron and Julia from Victoria, Canada

I reported on Aaron and Julia's beautiful little masterpiece of a love song called Slow back in February. I hope you check it out here. Of their performance which was utterly stripped down to just guitar and vocals I said "Love the earnest timbre of the vocal performances and the melodies that fall so gently, tenderly but with some trepidation in the same way that new love is discovered."

The two students and indie folk duo from Victoria, Canada are back with Slow once more. Remastered with more instrumentation. Taking something that is perfect and so utterly intimate and producing it in a bigger way is an extremely delicate operation. One thing is for sure, the vocal intimacy is still there but does the other instruments detract. I will let you be the judge. The only way to find out how to create art to your own liking is to take chances and I applaud Aaron and Julia for learning their craft. My words of advice would be that you already have what can't be taught and that is owning earnest emotions and having the ability to put them to pen and paper and give them melodies. 
Robb Donker

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