Friday, April 20, 2018

The Funky Delicious Power of Young Jack- "Move"

When I first heard / felt the funky-delicious groove of Move by UK's Young Jack I silently prayed that Taylor Swift would never do a version of it.... never ever.  Move is on fire from the very beginning. A sonic eruption of bass, guitar, horns.... yes bloody horns and Luke Bowe's commanding vocals. My only complaint is that the track ends much too soon. I wanted more horns and jams.
Robb Donker

PRESS NOTES: Born out of a collective of musicians & creatives from Kingston-Upon-Hull, UK.
Young Jack are Luke Bowe (lead vocals/guitar), Danny Higgins (guitar/vocals), Ben Morrod (Bass) & Jack Allbones (Drums) along with The Horny Brass (aka Paolo Nutini’s Horns of Thunder). Born of Irish & America roots, Luke & Danny grew up together making music in Danny’s room, with a huge canvas of Bob Marley looking over them & getting inspired by a wide range of artists from Funkadelic & The Brothers Johnson to Carole King & Kraftwork. At 14 they bought fake IDs & soon found themselves getting down to Prince in the mosh-pit when he played Leeds. Enter Warren Records’ Stew Baxter (also the drummer in Life) & things start to take shape with Young Jack rehearsing at the back of legendary Hull venue The Adelphi. Meanwhile, local graffiti pioneer Pinkie, who back in the day was interviewed by indie soothsayer John Peel no less, was creating Young Jack’s visual representation with his vibrant imagery.

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