Friday, April 20, 2018

Elliah Heifetz - "You Shall Be A Blessing" full of tears and truth

When I listen to Elliah Heifetz's tender (yet heart wrenching) You Shall Be A Blessing it feels particular relevant to me right now at this moment. It feels to me to be about letting someone go but hoping they keep in touch even in small ways and letting them know that if they need help or love or anything that they can come back at any time. In the next several weeks I will probably come back to this song many times and the last guitar strum will end with me looking in the distance with watery eyes.
Robb Donker


Following up the grassroots success of debut single "Simona" (20k+ streams in its first month), Elliah Heifetz offers the plainspoken yet poetic "You Shall Be a Blessing." Calloused and acoustic, Heifetz shines light on a rarely-covered moment in break up song—coming to terms with it all. The title comes from the Old Testament, when God tells Abraham to uproot his family and leave his old world behind, assuring him: "You shall be a blessing." Recorded at the Silent Barn shortly before closing.

 Elliah Heifetz​ ​is a first-generation American folk rock singer with a story to tell.​ Born to Soviet refugees living on food stamps, Heifetz learned to channel his experiences through poetry and music, studying literature at Yale. He soon began writing music for New York stages and major label pop projects, winning international awards and working with Hollywood and Broadway talent. Now, with the upcoming release of the ​Heaven On My Mind​ EP, he's finally singing for himself—writing music that only a Jewish child of immigrants with a weather-worn voice and a mysterious passion for folk music could sing. Because what's more American than that?

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