Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Sultry Drone on "Mad Dog" by Berlin Based Psych-Punk Disgusting Beauty

When you hear Silver Cendrey's sultry drone on the song Mad Dog from Berlin based psych-punk duo Disgusting Beauty (rounded out by guitarist Francisco Parisi) you cannot, simply cannot NOT think of the Doors front man provocateur Jim Morrison. That can be both a blessing and curse but for me the more you listen you can hear the Cendrey's uniqueness coming through. Parisi's almost translucent stacked guitars are dripping with a cool almost aloofness. Digging this track and I want to hear more.
Robb Donker


Disgusting Beauty is a Berlin-based psych-punk duo, comprised of Silver Cendrey (vocalist) and Francisco Parisi (guitarist). Inspired by performances and sounds of the rock legends such as Jim Morrison, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix, the two taps into a long-lost sounds and spirit of psychedelic rock, fused with the spell-like poetic verses recited by Silver. “This is the universe I brought with me, and that collided with Francisco’s”, explains Silver in an interview. “Punk is for the DIY, for those winter nights we spent in our freezing cellar, Francisco scratching his fingers on the guitar and me screaming with a broken voice.” Fundamental sound of the band is sought out by Francisco Parisi, who found an experimental band Escabeau in London prior to Disgusting Beauty. With their musical motifs rooted in another era and meanwhile finding inspirations from Berlin’s raw and unrestrained underground culture, the band fuses the noise that brings back old and new together with a melancholic touch.
Their first upcoming EP titled Disgusting Beauty, was born in the basement studio during the grey winter days of Berlin in 2017. Filled with dark and hypnotic lyrics that nods to poems of William Blake against the classic sounds such as the Blues and psychedelic rock, the musical message of the Latin/French duo is a definitive merge of seemingly distant music culture, bringing something different to the table amidst Berlin’s pervasive electronic music scene. Poetic, romantic, grotesque and daring in their performance and vision, the band captures and interprets the uncanny beauty of Berlin through their psychedelic blues of Mad Dog, the shoegaze-inspired chords of Half of Me, the techno grooves in The Fly and the drone-punk canon that is Waves of Desire.
Their long-awaited EP debut is released by the Berlin-based label Bluecat Music in CD and digital formats on April 19th 2018.

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