Saturday, April 7, 2018

Possible Oceans' "Deceiver" from the upcoming "Phase Change" EP

The track Deceiver by L.A.'s Possible Oceans and off the upcoming "Phase Change" EP due to drop on May 18th blends indie rock and electro pop sounds so effectively. Amid the guitar strains and driven beat there are bell synths, delicious bass lines and dream pop touches supporting Trevor O' Neill's internal (almost brooding) vocal performance resulting in a lush dynamic production. It is one of those songs that will fill your head with images during a late night drive in your car. -

Robb Donker


Possible Oceans is an LA based indie rock band led by singer/guitarist Trevor O’Neill and long-time songwriting partner singer/guitarist Daniel Berkman. For their forthcoming EP, the group joined forces with producer Aki Ehara of The Seshen to achieve a sound that is at once invigorating and unnerving. Driving rhythms, pulsing synths, and interweaving guitar lines form the perfect landscape for Trevor’s stirring vocals and intimate lyrics. The powerful, taut rhythm section comprised of bassist Josh Nyback and drummer Brian Henspeter rounds out the quartet. 
Having previously collaborated under the name Sympathetic Frequencies, these musicians have an understanding of each other’s playing that can only come from years spent creating in the studio and on stage. As Sympathetic Frequencies, their work with producer Eric Palmquist (The Mars Volta, Bad Suns, Wavves) helped them to hone their approach and earned them radio play on KCRW, as well as support from critics and fans alike. Drawing on influences as varied as The National, Queens of the Stone Age, New Order, and Fela Kuti, the group strives to create songs that sit just outside what you would expect from an indie rock act.

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