Sunday, May 13, 2018

Airpark's latest - "Yours Till I Die" is grand, sweeping and (yes) timeless

Airpark's latest single Yours Till I Die is a grand, big sweeping indie pop song. As intimate as it feels with the piano down beats and vocal performance that feels at once gritty yet melancholy it has a supremely vast sound. Brothers Michael Ford Jr. and Ben Ford infuse such a classic sound into this track that the often times "timeless" cliche is utterly true here. The ballad aspect of this song did feel not exactly Beatle-esque although I did think about John Lennon and even George Harrison during one of the seductively lush slide guitar lead lines.

Of the track, Michael says: “This is one of the more direct songs I've written. I have always appreciated songwriters like Bill Fox and Fiona Apple, who were able to be both direct and poetic simultaneously - that's exactly what I was after with ‘Yours Till I Die.’ It felt vulnerable as hell, but I knew if I could strike the right balance it would do the subject matter justice.”

Robb Donker

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