Sunday, May 13, 2018

Man Underground mines deep emotional subject matter- hear "I Wish I Was Enough"

Man Underground is the solo project of Hayes Helsper (with support from Devin Helsper). The track I Wish I Was Enough has a sad core tone and I did think of Elliot Smith a bit as I listened. The more I listened though, Helpser's aesthetic is vastly different veering off into a more solid indie rock / alt folk thing and when the song erupts into an almost passion play of sorts and ends on some spoken words it shifts on it's own axis many times over.

The change in tone and tempo is a daring choice. All daring choices have consequences and at first listen I didn't care for it but the story seems to demand that kind of artistic choice. Helsper's lyrical content is heavy stuff but within the sadness is survival too.
Robb Donker

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