Sunday, May 20, 2018

AP: OUT OF THE NORM: Corwin Bolt and the Wingnuts and the porch bluesy ragtime "mind folk" of "One Day"

On one hand most of the music covered on American Pancake is out of the norm. I mean AP's musical taste has always veered a bit left of center and while our journey covering new bands and music started in the surf punk, avant garde, retro punk hotbox of Orange County, California and LA spots and festivals our coverage has changed into a more eclectic stew now but we still veer left of center just in more diverse genres.

From time to time AP will cover bands out of our norm if such said band has that bit of something that feels different or just totally engaging. That is what the AP: OUT OF THE NORM header is meant to signify, not music that is out of the norm necessarily but out of OUR norm.

Corwin Bolt and the Wingnuts are a four piece (or more) band out of Eugene, Oregon that play this kind of old time, country, porch blues, ragtime blend of sounds that feel like an authentic time machine. Cowin Bolt plays a resomatic guitar, Josh Britton on standup bass, Jeremy Sher on Fiddle and Tim "Slim" Long on Washboard. Listen to the deep groove of One Day from the "High On The Hog" album. Oh, and they call their sound as "mind folk." How cool is this?

Robb Donker

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