Sunday, May 20, 2018

No Kind of Rider - multi dimensional on "Dark Ice"

No Kind of Rider is a 5 piece indie rock band whose personal tentacles extend from Portland, Oregon and Brooklyn, New York. Their latest single Dark Ice is so musically dense it literally washes over you. I started seeing images in my mind immediately something that happens to me personally when a piece of music engages and fires those synapses in my brain.

On Dark Ice the deep groove is cut right away and the guitar tones (blending funk, blues and rock) feels almost like a secondary vocal performance. Speaking of the vocal performance, Samuel Alexander's earthy style feels introspective and emotionally tight but holds R & B tones in the melodies he aptly maneuvers through. The chorus fills out as instruments shift into double time and staccato rhythms. Dynamic playing all around by Wes Johnson on bass, Jeremy Louis on guitar, Joe Page on synths and Van Patten on drums.
Robb Donker

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