Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Bat Zuppel and their giant punkified psyche garage rock sound- hear "The Witch" from the "Dylar" album

There is a sound at the beginning of the pile driving The Witch by Pittsburgh 4 piece rock outfit Bat Zuppel which signals that I might already like what these guys put out. It is a kind of John Dwyer-esque (The Oh Sees) lead short little slide punctuated by a kind of spring reverb. It almost sounds like a slip of the finger even though it is purposeful. After that all the punkified grungy heaviness ensues with big chunky downbeats, heavier than Heaven drums and glorious lead lines that veer though big blues rock / garden rock tones too. The lead lines are a big part of this song and as I listened a huge smile formed on my face and would not leave. I especially love the progression that comes in "duh duh duh duh" which (ok go with me) sounds kind of funky and made me think of Cameo (yes that Cameo) "Word Up".  Bat Zuppel's vocals are like bleeding in the throat vocals. The kind of "scream until you need a Chloraseptic treatment" vocals. The song is so noise rockish that you get lost in it easily and at over 7 minutes it is a heavy punk psyche rock blissful kind of thing. The Witch is from the recently released "Dylar" studio album (their second) which you need to check out.
Robb Donker

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