Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Money & King - "70's Psych Americana" - hear "Draw Me A Line" from the "There Are So Many Ways To Be Alone" Album

Upon hearing the track Draw Me A Line by Brooklyn's Money & King I couldn't help but think of The Kink's 1970 album "Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround Part One" (Strangers, Lola).

Money & King describe the sound on their sophomore album "There Are So Many Ways To Be Alone" as 70's Psych Americana and "Americana" is key as the country meets folk meets roots rock is apparent and such an engaging aspect of their sound. It is the sound you can here in certain incarnations of Kink's Brit rock or the Canadian Americans late 60's / 70/s iconic group, The Band. It is a sound or tone that I personally refer to as "garden rock" and while the guitar twang is not always necessarily  present in this sound, there is a certain lilt to the earnest vocal performances in roots music that makes it Americana and real. You hear that heavily here.

The wonderfully Draw Me A Line serves up all that with the guitar twangs too as well as a wealth of country-fied (or fried) harmonicas, sweet guitar jams, vocal harmonies, waltz like cadence, organ and intricate counterpoised almost walls of guitar and mandolin picking. It is all so amazingly melodic and lovely and a sound I have always loved. Country folk elegance created by guitarist James Sparber and drummer Brandon Goldstein splitting songwriting and lead vocalist duties. Bassist John Loggins on bass and harmonies, Jeff Mensch on guitar and twang, Brady Bagger on piano and organ and James Sweitzer on guitar and mandolin leads.
Robb Donker

Check out the bands Facebook link here to find out more about the album "There Are So Many Ways To Be Alone" dropping June 1 (2018).

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