Sunday, May 13, 2018

Listen to the goose bumps inducing "Stainless" by Cowboy Grizzly

Cowboy Grizzly, I like this name. It is the solo recording project of Grant McMahan out of North (Kennedale) Texas and the track Stainless is from his newly released debut album called "Mockingbird" (go here to find out more).

Listening to Stainless can be goose bumps inducing, at least for me and probably you too. There is something in the psyche folk tones and dense washed out sound that sounds so sad. The peddle steel guitar sounds actually pull images out of your memory banks and I kept seeing people in my life that I miss terribly. Love the sound and in some weird sense I thought of very early Flaming Lips for some reason though you would not think of them on the surface.

I listened to a couple of the other tracks on the album and while I am not equipped to offer an album review of sorts I truly love the aesthetic Grant is creating here.
Robb Donker

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