Sunday, May 27, 2018

Private Victories- romance, devastation and pop collide on "Strong Enough"

Private Victories is the moniker of L.A. singer-songwriter Grant Carey and on the track Strong Enough he emotionally cuts himself open and bleeds. The refrain, "Am I strong enough" is so exquisitely relatable to every man and woman who has ever been through the hardest of times. The vocal melodies and sprite chord progressions in and of themselves (if you do not include the lyrics) have a cool vibe and while containing some somber sounds there is an almost sing songy thing happening too. The "da duh da duh da"  remind me of (dare I say) the catchy quality of a romantic fueled sitcom jingle. This comfortable romantic pop quality offset with a deeply heartbroken vocal performance and lyrical content is such an interesting emotional counterpoint. Carey reveals that the lyrics are imbued with the thoughts of someone battling depression sedated by the pain of societal traumas such as gun violence and homophobia. This somber pop song digs and runs oh so deep. Private Victories min LP "Among The Changes" will be out soon.
Robb Donker

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