Saturday, May 19, 2018

Save Venues and Invigorate Communities- Tuckshop Community Radio Out of London Release Exploding Head Sessions 1 & 2 in Support of the Music Venue Trust

The amazing Tuckshop Community Radio Podcast / Radio show based out of London as created and curated by the exceedingly cool, congenial and thoroughly wicked Jack Francis Bacon has just released a compilation album featuring bands from the Tuckshop Exploding Head Session (1 and 2). If this isn't cool enough, all proceeds will go to the Music Venue Trust which is a UK registered charity whose mission statement includes the preservation and improvement of venues that would otherwise go by the way side. 

As Jack Bacon expresses on the Tuckshop Facebook page: "....we want to raise funds for  charity Music Venue Trust as we need to keep as many dark and dingy bars alive so we can all hang out together and enjoy gloriously loud music. Please support and share"

The compilation features the likes of Claw Marks, Brunch, Revenue, Great Ytene and Dancehall. All tracks recorded live at Exploding Head Sessions - Paper Dress Vintage, Hackney, London 

You go Jack. HIT the BANDCAMP LINK BELOW-- buy the compilation-  enjoy the bad ass music and help to preserve vital art scenes by preserving the important venues that bring in musicians and artists that in turn flips on economic switches and further development and a true sense of community. 
Robb Donker

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