Sunday, May 20, 2018

Carter Vail proves songs don't have to be hard. Hear the chill "Melatonin"

Singer-songwriter / producer Carter Vail possesses a knack for spinning stories in chill seductive ways. On the track Melatonin he waxes poetic about Jane, "Now Jane standing over in a night gown, she's got the phone chord twisted round her finger... she's a sight to see" and later, "Now Jane she's a lover like a pipe bomb.... she's got the pink sunglasses..... high heals gonna walk you out." Around the evocative lyrics the musical vibe is as cool as a coastal breeze muting your beads of sweat on a hot summer night. Vail sings with an accompanying high falsetto that enhances the tropical post punk vibe all filtered through an indie pop sheen. Vail is currently hubbed out of Miami and will be shooting a music video for Melatonin and I am already wondering what Jane will look like.
Robb Donker

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