Saturday, May 19, 2018

Seattle Based Monitor and the artful "Memorand"

Memorand by Seattle based Monitor feels like a multi-layered deeply woven tapestry of sounds. Bass lines holding sway, counterpointed guitar lines, up front vocals and droning waves of synths on the very edge of dissonance. The band is comprised of Dave Raskin, Connor Smith and Pete Fitton. For years Raskin was primarily an acoustic based singer songwriter but his compositions found deeper pools when approached by former bandmate Connor Smith and Monitor along with multi-layering and deeper arrangements began. Eventually Smith moved to Seattle where the two would create what would eventually become the "Memorand" LP recorded in Brooklyn, NY as produced and engineered by Kyle Joseph and percussionist Rami Sticky. In order to perform these puzzle pieces of sound live Raskin and Smith reached out to songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer Pete Fitton. He provided his 10 plus years of experience touring and arranging to craft a live show as compelling as the studio album. The band plans to tour and promote "Memorand" this summer (2018).
Robb Donker

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