Saturday, May 19, 2018

"Just Won't Stop" by The Qualia is a deceptively deep Indie rocker

Just Won't Stop is a complex indie rocker. On one had it simply jams with deep grooves and proggy tones but it also has clean pop sensibilities and (dare I say) flourishes into a slight emo sound then... then surprisingly after you are bobbing your head and pushing your gas pedal down harder shifts once again. The unbridled passion, the dynamic down beats, runaway beat and stellar crescendo falls apart in a disjointed way as the emotional bottom drops out. You can feel the unease and heartbreak somehow in this musical play and I seriously felt goosebumps. Then you feel the track dust itself off and stand tall before running full force into the fray. During this entire review I neglected to mention the vocal performance (Lars Casteen) which is quite brilliant, moving into clean indie sounds and shifting into falsettos effortlessly.

The Qualia are based out of New York and are Lars Casteen, Rossen Nedelchev, Matt Raymond and Will McCutcheon. Much respect boys.
Robb Donker

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