Saturday, May 19, 2018

"Sundried Mind" by the Tins Feels Like Sun Soaked Days Ahead

When I listen to dreamy Sundried Mind by The Tins out of Buffalo, NY I think of sun soaked days on some beach maybe in southern California. For you it may be somewhere else but during these recent rain soaked days in Georgia I feel like my mind is just wet and drenched and smelling of cigarette smoke. At least I have a remedy of sorts in The Tins whose harmonies ease the pain. The sound is yes, very poppy filtered through 60's psychedelia making it sound like a blend of alt folk and art rock all squished together. The sound goes down easy. It is unoffensive and I don't mean that in any derisive way.

The Tins are Adam Stanley (guitar and vox), Michael Santillo (keyboards and vox) and David Muntner (drums) and their new album drops June 1.
Robb Donker

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