Saturday, June 23, 2018

"Blood Ain't Bleeding" would be a killer name for a novel but instead it is a killer song by The Brother K Melee

Blood Ain't Bleeding would be a killer name for a novel and in a way, the song by New York based The Brother K Melee does have a novel-esque feel to it. From the start there is a tribalistic but urban tone, the Sharks and the Jets on heroin. Queens Of The Stone Age, At the Drive In, Primus and Hanni El Khatib in a blender. Then as the cadence shifts, you can feel the spit fly from the bloody lip of front man Lucas Kwong. At once the guitar lines feel more sketchy but also more sultry, more sexy. There is more passion in this chapter and maybe someone on the outs is about to get seriously fucked up. When Kwong starts to recite lines and the lyrics become words in a brutal passion play, passages in the novel the track becomes even more dangerous and then....


The Brother K Melee as played on this track are:
Lucas Kwong on vocals, bass and guitar. Garrett Fiddler on guitar and David Cornejo on Drums.

Current line up Lucas Kwong (vocals, guitar), Adel Bagli (guitar), Sam Shaw (bass) and David Cornejo (drums).

Robb Donker

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