Saturday, June 23, 2018

Cuesta Loeb's moving homage to a loved one in "Out Of"

The track Out Of by L.A.'s Cuesta Loeb is cut out of personal pain and familial reflection. Lead singer Christina Cuesta Loeb spent most of last year in New York caring for her father who passed away late in July. As an homage to her dad she teamed up with Blake Straus who produced and added the searing electric guitars. He also adds his production skills to Cuesta Loeb's debut album due out later this year.

Out of is immediately thick and heavy with sound. Chunky as hell guitars and vast vox buried perfectly in the mix in a shoe gazey sort of way. Inside the mix but not too too deep. The stalking beat and layers of ambient sounds whether synths or walls of guitar lines make a fully immersive experience. Loeb sings:

"I was robbed in the middle of the night.... I waited for you here... to say my goodbyes"

The density of sound and emotions feels like a rock and roll punch in the gut. I thought of Stella Luna meets Aimee Nash (of Black Ryder) as done up by Steve Albini or something like that. I look forward to hearing more and my condolences to all who knew and loved Christina's father.

Robb Donker

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