Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Dear Other - blendo indie rock and the stuff of life in "Check Yourself"

Check Yourself by six piece indie rock band Dear Other from Steubenville, Ohio is a song that deftly traverses through R & B tones, bluesy jazz flavors, 50's-ish rockabilly flourishes and more all just in the first 2 minutes. Then the chorus erupts into big indie rock sounds. Later Latin rhythms are tossed in for good measure. This kind of hybrid, blendo rock can make you dizzy but in a good way. Somehow all these tonal changes don't step on each other's tapping toes.

Check Yourself is off of the band's 10 track debut album called "Lift / Love" (containing 9 songs, the first track a narrative from some vintage movie) and according to press releases was written and recorded in two years of house fires, engagements, weddings, births and death. The stuff of life can make for interesting songs indeed.
Robb Donker

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