Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Terra Pines and "Dream Big" from the "Terra Pines" Album - "a glorious piece of beautiful heaviness"

Terra Pines hail from Brisbane, Australia and the song Dream Big from their "Terra Pines" 11 track album is decidedly and appropriately dreamy. It is also deliciously heavy and feels vast too with its shoe gaze aesthetic. For some reason the description monster rock is floating around in my head (too cheesy).  I just love the big rock tones and there is this jagged (out of left field) guitar break that stunned me the first time I heard it.

The "Terra Pines" album is a glorious piece of beautiful heaviness indeed and while this is not an album review, in the least also check out Palo Verde, DYR and Others. Consider those appetizers. I know you will all revel in the rest. Great album. Great band. Win win.
Robb Donker

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