Sunday, June 24, 2018

Gabe Greenland stuffs so many cool sounds in his blendo style - hear "Only A Vibe" and the "Goodnight / Morning" EP

Only A Vibe by Brooklyn based singer / songwriter / producer Gabe Greenland, an L.A. transplant that calls out some Cali influences like Stephen Malkmus, Flying Lotus and Russell Westbrook shows it off with flair. You can definitely hear the coloring outside the lines DNA on this track and on his EP Goodnight / Morning.

I mean on Only A Vibe the aesthetic feels a bit like free jazz, meets post punk, meets alt folk, meets that one daring high school orchestra class, meets hip hop tones pushed through some kind of emo filter. So many flavors, all interesting. I love how the music diversity feels so upfront while the vocals are buried just a tiny bit but floating so well into the mix so you can clearly hear Greenland wax poetic. Then a "what the fuck" sweet sax solo steps into the spotlight. Bloody hell. Love it.
Robb Donker

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